Six Suspects and Endless Mystery, RUN Movie For Free On Aha

Six Suspects and Endless Mystery, RUN Movie For Free On Aha

Run is a mental thriller movie made by Lakshmi KanthChenna and written by Sahana Dutta. This film will simply overwhelm your brains for its dramatic storyline and exceptional portrayal. It will cause you to feel like you are engaged with a strange wrongdoing scene, all things considered. This film is known to be the best free movies online in Telugu entertainment world and will make an incredible part in your Telugu activity film watch list. Watch run movie online and feel the thrills.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Navdeep

Actress: PujitaPonnada

Director: LakshmikanthChenna

Art Director: KollaAvinash

Banner: First Frame Entertainments

Producer: Y. Rajeev Reddy, Sai Baba Jagarlamudi

Music: NareshKumaran

Cinematography: SajeeshRajendran

Editing: Ramakrishna Arram

Written By: Sahana Dutta, Carthyk-Arjun

Other information:

Runtime: 87 min

Release date: 29 May 2020

Genre: Thriller film


The story starts with Shruthi and Sandeep experiencing passionate feelings for one another after a profound discussion about their arranged future. They will get hitched and spend a quiet and charming coexistence. On their first commemoration, they have planned to meet out for lunch as the two of them are occupied with working individuals with a thought process to accomplish more. The two of them intend to meet at their own number one eatery in the city to eat. Sandeep gets to the café prior and trusts that his better half will come. All things being equal, another youthful hot and delightful lady gets through the café’s entryway and gives him a letter saying that it is from his own significant other. The letter expresses that she would not like to live with him any longer and he ponders, for what reason would she act in such a manner when the two of them had a lovely life up until this point. He re-visits his home in disarray just to discover his significant other dead in the house. He will be accused for her passing as he makes an honest effort to demonstrate his guiltlessness with such agony of losing one. As the examination occurs, ghastly facts appear which turns the entire plot into another way.

Technical Assets:

  • Dialogues are definitive!! words have made it associated with each adolescent.
  • The storyline is entirely unexpected and new to all Telugu swarm and direct has guaranteed that his guide comes toward the crowd.
  • Music gives you that edge of thunder.
  • Cinematography is awesome and clear!
  • The screenplay is wonderful!

For what reason To Watch Run?

  • To feel associated with the story and its characters.
  • The special storyline will draw the crowd to watch this film over and over.
  • To encounter love and its vibe.
  • Thriller and the anticipation of what happens will stick you to the seats.
  • To roar with laughter, this film will make you giggle more earnestly.

Run is an extremely intriguing and secretive romantic tale! Watchers can watch Run movie online,and free movies online are available just on Aha! Do watch it for some fun, love and rush.