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What is the best way to clean your carpets?

The cleaning of carpets and rugs is essential to keep the rooms neat and healthy and, at the same time, to extend and improve the span of the carpets. It is often thought that it is time to clean them only when suspicious stains are seen on them. In reality, carpets expect rinsing at least every 18 months, sometimes even more, depending on what is stated on the warranty construction cleaning services in Calgary, AB

However, if we use rugs on all floors in the environments we live in and are especially susceptible to mites, we will probably have to rinsed them more frequently, to reduce and prevent the presence of dust.

How to choose the best carpet cleaning solution?

There are essentially three methods: dry, water and steam.

This method is suitable for high traffic areas that require quick cleaning and quick drying times. We must recognize that dry cleaning does not produce complete and thorough cleaning results. However, the method is effective for ordinary cleaning .

Dry cleaning consists in distributing a powder mixture on the carpet made up of special detergents and solvents, then making it penetrate into the carpet fibers with a device furnished with rotating scuffles ( single disc ). The dirt of the carpet is thus absorbed by the mixture, which is sucked up after about ten to fifteen minutes together with the dirt removed.

This is obviously a simple system, which everyone can use without having to know any particular technicalities. It is also a relatively inexpensive and quick process. However, in addition to not getting a deep and lasting clean, the powder mixture used to clean can become toxic over time.

The hot water extraction (HWE) cleaning method is also known as steam cleaning, although this definition is not entirely appropriate and we will explain why.

Water vacuums or carpet cleaners are the most common and effective machines used for this purpose. The carpet cleaner is an electrically operated carpet cleaning machine which, using hot water, detergent, a washing brush and a strong suction, extracts the deepest dirt from the carpet.

These machines are easy to use, small in size, and make carpet cleaning easier. The results obtained with this method are professional and effective. Wet cleaning removes stains completely , so carpets stay clean longer.