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Looking for a way to relax? Trying to figure out the best way to beat the stress of city life? Then Hand & Stone is the ideal place! The therapy center is equipped with some of the best professionals from around the world. These professionals are dedicated to providing clients with the best massage therapist in San Antonio, TX experience and a comfortable place to relax. The spa functions are open on all days of the week. Moreover, they offer special weekend and evening hours for busy clients. These highly trained professionals cater to the needs of every individual differently. They can provide you with a service that meets the client’s requirements.

Types of Services offered

Head & Stone provides a wide variety of services, such as:

Swedish Massage Therapy:

Swedish Massage therapy is considered one of the best massages out there. The highly trained therapist will use fluid strokes of muscles and tissues, which are then paired with a little bit of pressure that ranges from light to medium. The therapist would adjust the pressure and the technique according to the client’s wants.

Deep Tissue:

The Deep Tissue massage technique involves the use of slow and deep strokes. This is then paired with firm pressure, which helps in relieving the pain in the muscles to a higher extent. This massage type is recommended for individuals who often suffer constant soreness in any particular body part.


This massage therapy is for all the sportsmen out there! It helps the individual in recovering from any preexisting injury, preparing for an upcoming event, or to train to get their body in the best shape possible.

Trigger Point:

This technique uses concentrations of the pressure of the fingers on every point that is causing an individual any discomfort. This type of therapy is perfect to prevent muscle spasms.


Another one of the specials is the prenatal massage technique which caters to the needs of pregnant women. Positioning, pillow, and other necessary equipment are used to enhance the support and decrease any stress for the mother-to-be.

Hot Stone:

Their classic hot stone massage is an enhanced version of the Swedish Massage, which involves the use of stones that provides one with a comfortable experience. It focuses on adding heat to specific areas of the body, which provide them with a sense of mental and physical peace.

Exclusive Deals!

They offer a full range of massages, enhancements, and facials. The Introductory offer is valid for one hour of Swedish Massage or Hot Stone Massage only.

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